September 2019 Update – How I Earned An Awesome € 600 This Month

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September came to an end, our youngest son turned 4 recently and both boys are in school now. That means the end of our toddler-days and a lot more time for my websites, which I’m really excited about! I’ve got so much plans and if I want to reach my goals, I have to work my ass off :)

Due to some personal & medical stuff the update is a bit later this month. But everything is alright again, so here we are :)

For my Dutch readers: I launched the Dutch version of my website last month! Still have lots of posts to translate, but it’s a start so far :) My portfolio will soon be available in Dutch as well.

For new readers: I mostly invest in European peer-to-peer lending platforms. If you want to know more about it, you can check out my ultimate guide which explains everything you need to know to get started.

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September 2019 portfolio update

Lets dive into the numbers for my September 2019 update.

Monthly summary

  • Portfolio value: € 23,961.26
  • Deposits: € 750.00
  • Withdrawals: € 697.69
  • Passive income: € 210.71
  • Blog income: € 397.57
  • Total income: € 608.28

The withdrawals are from Geld voor Elkaar and Funding Circle who pay monthly interest and principal on my bank account. I also withdrew €500 from Mintos this month due to the current low interest rates.

Passive Income Charts

Portfolio Allocation September 2019 Passive Income FIM


The Platforms

I’m changing the look of my updates a bit. I’m working on separate pages for every platform I invest in where I gather all my information about that particular platform. I hope to have all pages ready next month.

The platforms I use and their performance:

Platform Average
Geld voor Elkaar 7.73 % € 5,921.55 € 40.88
Crowdestor 18.15 % € 4,292.40 € 40.44
Envestio 17.06 % € 2,395.72 € 34.26
Mintos 13.52 % € 2,211.00 € 23.84
Kuetzal 20.02 % € 1,594.24 € 25.04
Agrikaab 32.00 % € 1,464.56 € 0
Funding Circle 16.34 % € 1,197.20 € 10.93
Grupeer 13.80 % € 1,005.94 € 12.64
Fast Invest 13.24 % € 540.20 € 5.50
Crowdestate 15.62 % € 531.54 € 5.11
PeerBerry 12.74 % € 518.42 € 2.44
EstateGuru 11.00 % € 515.55 € 2.73
Reinvest24 13.13 % € 501.94 € 0.49
BulkEstate 16.65% € 500.00 € 0
Monethera 18.76 % € 256.29 € 0
Wisefund 18.98 % € 253.64 € 3.64
Monestro 33.50 % € 112.08 € 2.77


September 2019 updates & news

Agrikaab pays out quarterly and I already received the next payout. But as that’s paid in October, I won’t count that for my September update. So that’s why there’s zero passive income from them this month.

In September I received my first interest from Wisefund, a platform I started investing in last month. They paid out on time.

I started investing in Monethera this month, I transferred € 250 to check out the platform. The first interest payments will be in October. The account value is higher due to a signup bonus and cashback. If you want to start investing with them as well, make sure to use my link to also receive a signup bonus and 0.5% cashback.

Bulkestate doesn’t pay interest monthly, that’s why the passive income will be at zero for a while.

EstateGuru currently has a 1% referral bonus for the whole month of October. If you join EstateGuru through my link in October, then you will get a 1% bonus from your investments in the first 30 days.

The interest rates from Mintos dropped big time recently. I know that this happens every year around this time, so they will probably go up again in a while. But for now I decided to withdraw some money and transfer it to Crowdestor.

Other platforms

If you are looking for more platforms to invest in, you can check out the list I made. This list contains a lot of European P2P platforms. I also keep track of cashback campaigns and signup bonuses and update the page regularly.

You can find everything on my Platform Overview Page

How is the blog doing?

The blog is still growing steadily. A little bit less traffic in September, but my blog income grew again and because of that, I actually made more than € 600 in total this month from my investments and my blog!

Not yet enough to live off, but I’m slowly getting there. I have to work really hard to reach my first goal, which is to earn € 1000 a month. I might not reach it in December already, but I’m not giving up, because I know I will reach it, even if it’s a little bit later than planned.

On Twitter I grew above 1000 followers in September, awesome!

Out of my comfort zone

And then something happened in September. Something really scary for me! I commented on Twitter about paying off a mortgage or invest. And before I knew it, I was asked to say something on a podcast. Well, people that know me, know that that is something waaaaaay out of my comfort zone. I don’t really like my voice, it’s not in my first language and I actually never heard myself speak English before!

I thought about it. It wasn’t live luckily, I could record it upfront. So I started recording it a bunch of times to test. The first time I did my story, I got all red and sweaty. And I was alone in my office talking to myself! That kinda tells how scary this is for me. But I did it a few more times and as I really want to grow my blog, I just had to go for this.

So, I finally did it and I felt so proud. This was a huge step for me! I’m not seeing myself doing live stuff ever, but maybe I can overcome my fears some day I can make more of these personal growth steps. You can hear me talking at minute 8: Pay Off the 30-Year Mortgage Early or Invest?


My ninth month of blogging:

  • 5210 pageviews (was: 5501)
  • 2173 visitors (was: 2246)
  • 89 Facebook likes (was: 83)
  • 1046 followers on Twitter (was: 933)
  • 188 followers on Pinterest (was: 178)


My passive income is a little lower this month due to some cash drag and lower interest rates on several platforms. Next month will probably be my top month yet, due to the quarterly payout from Agrikaab.

See you next month!

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Congrats on your passive income reaching 60% of your goal! That must be exciting to see your hard work pays off :) congrats also on overcoming your fear to do podcast and to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Looks like you’re making tremendous progress.

    I can only aspire to get as far as you in terms of blogging. I just started my blog last month on achieving F.I. while juggling motherhood (we are on the same boat!). I need to be as disciplined as you are in terms of writing blog post and to get more active on social media. I guess I have a lot of work to do as well – but fun work at least! :)

    1. Hi Mama Bear, thank you for your comment!

      To be honest, I’m not as disciplined as you think and my social media is pretty behind most of the time. But I’m always searching for time to do everything I want. I always want too much at the same time. That’s my biggest hurdle haha.

      But I will get there eventually, just need some more focus. You will get there as well. Little steps at a time :)

  2. Yaaass you’re killing it! 600€ is great and that 1000€ per month will also come slowly but surely fingers crossed you make it before 2020 starts!

    1. Hey you!!

      No idea if I can make that happen before 2020, but I’m doing what I can :) Have to work really really hard and create a bunch of posts to make it happen.

      And the Dutch site needs a lot of attention as well. Sometimes I don’t know how people manage to have like 5 blogs or even more. I already have trouble with keeping up 2 haha.

      But luckily I still love to do it, that helps a lot!

      I really think that you will grow to €1000 soon as well with your awesome blog! Maybe even before I reach it ;)

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