Review: The Master Your Money Super Bundle

Are you tired of stressing about money? Do you want to pay off debt, budget like a boss, and reach your financial goals? Master Your Money Super Bundle is an awesome collection of eBooks, eCourses, videos and more about finances.

I went trough most of the bundle and will let you know what I think. I hope this post will help you decide if it’s right for you.

You already know? Get your bundle here!

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The bundle

The Master Your Money Super Bundle is a collection of eBooks, printables, videos, workbooks and eCourses. Ultimate Bundles makes a new bundle each year, and each bundle is unique and different. The bundle contains well over $1000 worth of resources! So if you are only interested in just a few of the items, it’s still really worth it!

  • Sale dates: The 2019 bundle went evergreen and is now available
  • Price: $47.97 (and if you like cheat sheets, it’s $10 extra)
  • Contents: 14 eBooks, 11 eCourses, 11 videos & 10 workbooks/printables


What’s in the bundle?

Total overview of the bundle:

What's inside the Master Your Money Super Bundle
Topics in this years bundle:

  • Better Budgeting
  • Defeat Debt
  • Family Finances
  • Increasing Your Income
  • Managing Money
  • Money Mindset
  • Saving Money

Full product list (PDF): MYMSB Product List

On each category, I will let you know the item(s) I really like. In the time I had, I tried to go trough everything, but especially the eCourses are pretty big and take a lot of time, so as you can understand, so I haven’t completed those yet.

Also I haven’t looked at every video yet. The eBooks I did go trough (some more extensive than others) and also the workbooks and printables. I hope you this will help you decide if the bundle is right for you.

Better budgeting

In this category are 7 items, with a total worth of $182.95: 2 printables, 2 videos, 1 workbook and 2 eCourses

Resources for Better Budgeting

In this category I really like The budgeting binder. It contains 20 pages of printables to track your goals, your budget, your expenses and much more! It’s really extensive, attractive and very easy to use.

The two eCourses I did sign up for and looked a bit trough them. They both look very good and thorough. I think you can learn a lot from both of the courses if you need a budget and want to know how to use a budget in a way that it works for you and your family.


Defeat debt

In this category are 5 items, with a total worth of $147.99: 2 eBooks and 3 eCourses

Resources for Defeating Debt

In this category I really like the “Proven Plan for Eliminating $42,000 of Student Debt in Less Than 3 Years” by Val Breit. She has obviously experienced paying off debt and she did it fast as well! It’s really a step by step guide to help you to get out of debt.

The debt-free eCourse from Well Kept Wallet has a nice spreadsheet and he explains everything in the videos. If you are in a lot of debt, this can really help you to make a plan to get out of it. The normal price for this course is $67. So this course alone is already worth more than the whole bundle will cost you. And then you still get all the other stuff as well!


Family finances

In this category are 6 items, with a total worth of $159.99: 1 workbook, 2 eBooks, 2 videos and 1 eCourse

Resources for Family Finances

In this category I really like the “How to Live on One Income: Steps to Make it Work” eBook by Apryl Griffith. She shows you how to make it work if one of the parents would like to stay home with the children. If that’s your dream, then read this eBook to know what to do to realize your dream.

The eCourse about a home purchase sounds very good to me too. But as I live outside of the US, most won’t apply to me. That’s why I haven’t gone trough it yet, as I already had to make choices to which items I looked into and which ones not, in the time I had available.


Increasing your income

In this category are 7 items, with a total worth of $117.77: 1 workbook, 2 eBooks and 4 videos.

Resources for Increasing Your Income

In this category I really like the video about the stock market, but I’m already interested in investing. So you might find the other items more usefull. The beauty of this bundle is that you can choose what suits you. You don’t have to read every single eBook or go trough every single eCourse.


Managing money

In this category are 11 items, with a total worth of $266.96: 2 workbooks, 6 eBooks, 1 video and 2 eCourses.

Resources for Managing Money

In this category I really like the eCourse from Lauren. I didn’t do the whole course yet, as it is very extensive, so I didn’t have time to do it all just yet. But as far as I can see, it’s really worth going trough if you are looking for a way to manage your money better and live the simple and happy life you’ve always wanted.

I also really like “The Financial Reboot: Take Control of Your Finances” eBook by Tracie Fobes. It’s about changing your attitude towards money and it’s just a realistic approach. Put in the work and you will see results.


Money mindset

In this category are 6 items, with a total worth of $211.99: 1 eBook, 2 videos and 3 eCourses.

Resources for Your Money Mindset

In this category I really like the “How To Be Frugal” eCourse by Jennifer Roskamp. It’s really thorough and divided in 10 units. It’s about how to spend less on normal things like groceries. She teaches you how to do groceries, how to shop smart, use coupon, save money around the house and much more. The course’ price is normally $99, so this is awesome to get in the bundle. I would definitely go trough it, if you want to learn tips & tricks to spend less.


Saving money

In this category are 4 items, with a total worth of $72.00: 3 workbooks and 1 eBook

Resources for Saving Money

In this category I really like the “30 Day Money Saving Challenge” workbook by Amanda Waterston. It’s a very practical book with lots of tips & tricks to save money.  Every day another challenge to do, with tips on how to do them. Very nice workbook!

I also like the “Saving More, Spending Less” workbook by Isabel Freitas. It’s a really nice step by step guide to spending less in your daily life. Small steps, nice tone, just a good read. I can’t use most of the resources as I’m not from the US, but I like it anyway.

Should you buy it?

If I look at myself, I’m really glad that I bought the bundle. It’s so full of resources, there are always multiple items that are good for someone. As you know, I’m not from the US, so there are lots of tips that don’t apply to me, but there are still so much things to learn from the other items, that it doesn’t matter.

There are also some items that just aren’t for me. Either because of the subject or the way someone writes or talks. Or I already know things about the subject. But I’m still happy with the bundle, because some really good items are already more expensive than the whole bundle is if you would buy them outside the bundle.

Read trough the full product list to determine if there is enough interesting stuff for you.

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