Portfolio Update: May 2019

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Hi everyone! Times flies and we just ended another month. The weather is becoming better almost every day here in the Netherlands. Time to dive into the numbers again for my May 2019 portfolio update.

My posts usually contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and signing up or making a purchase, I will sometimes receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Sometimes you even get a discount or a bonus by using my links. You can read my full disclosure here.

Monthly summary

  • Portfolio value: € 23,066.09
  • Deposits: € 5,090.21
  • Withdrawals: € 201.46
  • Passive income: € 171.41

The withdrawals are from Geld voor Elkaar and Funding Circle who pay monthly interest and principal on my bank account. I haven’t withdrawn any money manually.


I mostly invest in peer-to-peer lending. If you want to know more about it, you can check out my ultimate guide which explains everything you need to know to get started.

I made two charts this month, one with the current value per platform and one with my passive income growth. And to complete it all, I added a table with the average interest rates.



Geld voor Elkaar€ 6,443€ 7,3547.72 %
Crowdestor€ 3,500€ 3,59117.92 %
Envestio€ 2,000€ 2,18416.61 %
Agrikaab€ 1,340€ 1,34032.00 %
Funding Circle€ 1,314€ 1,39216.34 %
Mintos (EUR)€ 1,000€ 1,06812.82 %
Mintos (RUB)€   500€   53517.88 %
Grupeer€ 1,000€ 1,05614.00 %
Kuetzal€ 1,000€ 1,01020.30 %
Crowdestate€   500€   51515.50 %
Fast Invest€   500€   51713.62 %
PeerBerry€   500€   50312.24 %
EstateGuru€   500€   50211.40 %
BulkEstate€   500€   50016.65 %
Reinvest24€   400€   50012.89 %
RoboCash€   250€   25512.00 %
Neo Finance€   100€   11819.25 %
Finbee€   100€   10319.00 %
Monestro€   100€   10033.50 %
DeGiro€     75€     73?

The platforms

I only added graphs for the platforms I use for at least 3 months and where I invested at least € 500.

Geld voor Elkaar


Geld voor Elkaar is a Dutch P2P platform. This platform was my first introduction to investing. The interest rates aren’t very high and there is no buyback guarantee. For that risk, I want much higher returns to compensate losses. So, I’m not investing any more money into this platform.

A second project is having problems at the moment, but GvE is keeping me up to date about everything that happens, which is great.

Funding Circle


Funding Circle is the second platform I started investing in. They don’t have a buyback guarantee, but the interest rates are up to 19%, which means there is room to compensate failing projects and still get a decent return.

A second project is having problems and Funding Circle isn’t really keeping me up to date about this unfortunately. They can learn a thing or two from GvE on this part.



Crowdestor is an Estonian P2P lending platform. Their projects are all businesses with interest rates up to 21%. I like Crowdestor since I started investing in their projects back in December.

They are still a small platform and bigger projects take a while to fill up. This gives new investors time to transfer money and start investing.

This month I transferred an extra € 750 to Crowdestor and invested all of the transferred funds. I have 12 active projects on Crowdestor now.

Crowdestor currently has three open projects to invest in.



Mintos is a Latvian P2P marketplace with a lot of loans available all the time. They are growing very fast, which does affect their customer service at the moment, but I haven’t had any problems with them so far. You can read my Mintos review to learn more about the platform.

EUR portfolio: I changed my auto invest settings, because of the 15% loans that recently came online. I already picked up 17 loans with an interest rate of 15%.

RUB portfolio: In my RUB portfolio I only have one auto-invest strategy in place, which is set at 18% and higher. I started my auto invest again and everything is invested again with an interest rate of 18% or higher.

Are you new to Mintos and want to start investing with them? Mintos offers a 1% cashback bonus trough my link on all of your investments made in the first 90 days.




Envestio is an Estonian platform which has Business projects only. They are steadily growing and most projects are funded in an hour or even less. I reviewed them a while ago, you can read my Envestio review to learn more about the platform.

This month, I didn’t add money to my Envestio account. I have invested in 19 projects at the moment and 2 projects have ended successfully.

If you use my link to sign up, you will receive a bonus of € 5 (when you deposit at least € 100) plus a 0,5% cashback on all off your investments made in the first 270 days.



Grupeer is a Latvian platform which is a bit like Mintos, only still a lot smaller. I published my Grupeer review yesterday, so check it out if you want to learn more about them.

This month, I haven’t done anything with Grupeer, other than dive into them for my review. I plan to add some more money to the platform during this year.

I made a nice deal with Grupeer: Up until June 30, you can win € 20 by using my link to sign up with Grupeer and invest at least € 100. Grupeer will randomly select 3 winners.


New platforms

I added a few new platforms this month to my portfolio. I wanted to have some more real estate platforms, so I added 4 of them:


I heard great things about BulkEstate, so I felt it was time to sign up with them to try it myself. The signup process and deposit was fast and easy and it was pretty easy to invest my money.

I’ve put € 500 on this account and invested it all into 2 different projects.


Also EstateGuru should be a great platform. Although the interest rates are a bit low to my liking, I decided to try the platform and added € 500.

Everything went smoothly and I will see how the platform performs. I invested all of the money in 5 different projects.


Kuetzal is a fairly new platform, but I heard positive things, so I went for it. They offer high interest rates and have a buyback guarantee in place.

I’m going to review them soon, hopefully this month. I added € 1000 to the platform and invested it in 5 different projects.


Reinvest24 is also a new platform, but it works differently than the other ones. With them, you can become a landlord, without all the hassle and the big amounts of money you normally need to own a property.

I did an interview with their CEO and am finalizing the interview and my review about them. I will publish both on June 4th. And: there will be a raffle for new investors!

DeGiro (Stocks)

I also signup up with DeGiro and bought my very first stock! As I don’t really have a clue about stocks yet and haven’t had the time to dive in, I just bought one stock (Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF) for now, just to check out the platform.


Agrikaab Camel Poekie

My camel – Poekie – from Agrikaab is doing great, at least I think she’s been taken good care of :) Haven’t received any money yet, as they pay out quarterly. They also are working on opening a shop and you can invest in that as well.

I like how they are growing and expanding their business. I really hope they will succeed, as I really love how they want to help the people in Africa in various ways.

How is the blog doing?

Statistics of my fifth month of blogging:

  • 3911 pageviews (up from 2031)
  • 1778 visitors (up from 918)
  • 43 Facebook likes (up from 21)
  • 552 followers on Twitter (up from 402)
  • 103 followers on Pinterest (up from 52)
  • 9.6k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest (up from 3.4k)

Another month of growth for my blog, I love it! Still a long way to go of course, but I love to see the progress I’m making and I still love to do it.

I’m currently expanding the blog to cover the whole personal finance niche instead of just the investment part. I would love to help people from being broke all the way up towards a stress-free life and ultimately financial freedom.


My passive income grew again this month. It’s over € 170 now and next month will definitely be higher as I invested quite a bit of money this month. Hopefully I will reach € 200 / month soon!

In the coming months I probably won’t invest anything as I don’t want to touch my emergency fund and don’t have any income at the moment. That means I will only invest my returns for a while.

This is all for this month. Hopefully you had a good read and I hope to see you again next time.

Kind Regards,

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  1. Hi Janneke,
    A good month! Your passive income graph is starting to look really good – €200 per month in no time.
    It looks like you’re getting some really good traction on Pinterest as well. I wonder how much of that then translates to page views?
    Also, did you get to name the camel yourself?

    1. Hi Matt!

      Tnx for your comment. Yeah, it really looks great, going up every month now!

      About Pinterest: I’m learning how to use it at the moment, so it’s starting to grow a bit. Not so much traffic yet, best day was 22 clicks from Pinterest so far. But it will grow every month I believe, as long as I keep up the work on the blog :)

      Yes, I named the camel Poekie haha :)


    1. Thank you Angela!

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