Portfolio Update: March 2019

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Hi everyone! It’s already spring and the weather is great at the moment, at least here in the Netherlands it is. March has ended and that means it’s time for an update, so here is my P2P portfolio for March 2019.

It was a busy month, that’s why I didn’t add many new posts on the blog. But I did manage to publish my Ultimate guide on P2P Lending! I’ve got plans to write a lot more in April. I invested some more money last month and my passive income has increased again, yay!


Monthly summary

  • Portfolio value: € 17,470.22
  • Deposits: € 1,600.00
  • Withdrawals: € 223.59
  • Passive income: € 131.94

The withdrawals are from Geld voor Elkaar and Funding Circle who pay monthly interest and principal on my bank account. I haven’t withdrawn any money manually.

Now on to the numbers for each platform:

Geld voor elkaar46.966,662.697,696.057.72 %
Funding Circle15.891,362.041,450.2916.34 %
Envestio19.162,000.002,113.4216.53 %
Crowdestor11.802,000.002,039.3717.39 %
Grupeer11.891,000.001,031.9414.00 %
Mintos10.731,000.001,039.3512.72 %
Mintos (rubles)4.40500.00518.6518.45 %
Fast Invest5.43500.00505.4313.94 %
Crowdestate5.35500.00505.3915.58 %
RoboCash0.05250.00250.0512.00 %
Neo Finance0.00100.00120.0019.25 %
Finbee0.28100.00100.2819.00 %
Monestro0.0050.00100.0034.00 %

The average interest rate will be replaced by XIRR in a while, as that is a better measurement, but I’m still figuring out how to calculate XIRR for all platforms in an easy manner. I’m working on a sheet for it. If you have a sheet that calculates XIRR per platform and would like to share it, let me know!


I transferred an extra € 750 to Crowdestor to make my invested amount a total of € 2,000. I invested all of the transferred funds in March and am invested in 9 projects now. New projects come with the new Buyback Guarantee Fund that they introduced in February.

Crowdestor currently has several projects to invest in and in two days, a new project will be open for investors:

Click the image to enlarge



I recently got some 13.5% loans again, nice! I adjusted my auto-invest settings a bit. Now I have 5 different strategies, 12%+, 12.5%+, 13%+, 13.5%+ and 14%+.

This way I won’t miss 13% or 14% loans that match my criteria, as Mintos doesn’t buy the highest loans first when you just have one strategy at 12% and up. Make sure to order the strategies correctly!

Mintos offers a 1% cashback bonus trough my referral link on your investments made in the first 90 days. You can check out my Mintos review if you want to know more about the platform.



I invested € 50 out of my available € 100 in Monestro. There are new loans once in a while, but most don’t get fully funded, because there aren’t enough investors yet. So I just keep trying to invest my money. Only 1 loan made it, at a whopping 34% interest rate. That’s where my first € 50 is.

This loan is open for funding now, at an interest rate of 33%. The borrower had a loan on Monestro before and paid it back, so I am willing to take the chance here for this interest rate.


Other platforms:

  • Geld voor Elkaar: Nothing new this month with Geld voor Elkaar. All the payments are paid on time, no problems with any of the projects.
  • Funding Circle: The failing project still hasn’t changed or paid anything. I’m wondering if I’ll ever see that money back again. We’ll just wait, there isn’t much else to do at this point :)
  • Envestio: I transferred some extra funds to Envestio this month. In total I transferred € 2,000 now. I also reinvested the received interest. If you use my link to sign up, you will receive a bonus of € 5 (when you deposit at least € 100) plus a 0,5% cashback on all your investments made in the first 270 days.
  • Grupeer: New investments on Grupeer are lower than 14% at the moment. The highest available loans come with an interest rate of 13%, which is still a very nice percentage of course.
  • Fast Invest: I haven’t done much with Fast Invest this month. I did receive my first interest payment from them.
  • Crowdestate: Nothing new this month with Crowdestate. The interest payments are all being paid on time so far.
  • Finbee: My funds are all invested and I received the first interest payment. I’m curious to see how Finbee will perform after a few months.


New platforms in March

  • PeerBerry: I read about Peerberry before and I hear good things about them, so I signed up. I haven’t transferred money yet.
  • NEO Finance: Recenty I discovered NEO Finance. They gave me a € 20 signup bonus and I transferred € 100. I invested all of it and we will see how the platform performs.
  • RoboCash: I read about RoboCash a lot and finally created an account this month. I transferred € 250 and invested all of it. Let’s see how RoboCash performs during the next months.


Summary P2P lending

My passive income grew again this month, nice! I will probably see an increase again next month, as I invested more in March and those projects and loans haven’t paid any interest yet. I won’t probably invest more money in April, as I don’t have a job at the moment, which means no income.


Blog statistics

In March, my 3rd month of blogging I had 1368 pageviews (968 in February) and 599 visitors (485 in February). On Facebook I’ve got 8 likes and on Twitter I’ve got 232 followers.

I’m working on my Pinterest account at the moment. I still don’t know much about it, but I’m doing a course about it, so hopefully I will understand it better next month! I’ve got 15 monthly unique viewers so far, no idea where they came from :)

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Hi M! I agree about Monestro, I topped up my account on December with 50€, and I still have 13€ left in my account without invest…. Mission Impossible to fill the loans there… (Tom Cruise where are you??)

    1. Yep, my husband is in Monestro as well, but nothing of his money is invested yet. He’s in this loan I mentioned above as well. Would be nice if this one will finally fill up.

  2. Hello Janneke, in what loan originators do you invest in Mintos?
    For example, I give out loans only to originators with buyback guarantee.

  3. Hi Janneke,
    How good is the weather! I am in Sweden and we are already getting buds starting on the trees!
    Keep up the good work. You’re getting some solid returns from the platforms!

    1. A bit colder here the last few days, but tomorrow it’s spring again!

      Tnx for your comment. I’m currently checking out your website, looks good so far!

      1. Thanks for checking it out! Mine is very very much the one topic – P2P investing. I do plan on writing more articles about sustainability and saving money later on.

  4. What do you FIM reckon will happen to P2P when governments start regulating the business and/or depression hits Europe?

    I read an article just now about what happened in China and it scares me a little. Any thoughts how you might shield yourself from that? Of course you’ve already diversified your portfolio well.

    For example, which platform do you think would be the first one in trouble, any ideas?

    1. I get the impression that a lot of platforms in China were not very solid in the first place (lack of transparency in how platforms were using pooled money for loans) and that in response the government started to regulate the business. But because it seems that also the more solid platforms struggle to comply to these regulations, and as a result investors started loosing faith in P2P lending generally and tried to withdraw their money from the platforms massively causing the P2P market to collapse even further.

      I think it all comes down to risk assessment. It is sometimes hard to tell upfront whether platforms are legit or turnout to be fraudulent in the end. I have fallen victim to BitConnect, which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. Whenever I invest money into something, I’ve learned to make sure I understand the business case. If I did that correctly before investing in BitConnect, I should have not done it.

      Regarding P2P lending, I do think there is a huge demand for credit, and borrowers are indeed willing to pay sometimes fairly high interest rates. I do take the risk of failing loan originators or platforms seriously and therefore do not invest all of my capital into one. The article I think you are referring to (https://qz.com/1351198/how-p2p-lending-turned-middle-class-chinese-dreamers-into-angry-protesters) shows that one must also assess the risk of the P2P market as a whole to collapse, and therefore one must also consider other types of investment.

      And a golden rule that applies to investing in general is of course to only invest money that you can afford to loose. When I would loose all off my invested capital now, I still have savings to cover my expenses for a while allowing me to find a job to generate money.

      Also, I think cutting expenses and learning to live from a low amount of money is a very powerful tool to become/stay financially independent.

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