Portfolio Update: January 2019

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It’s already February, so it’s time for a portfolio update. In January I added some more funds to several accounts. As a lot of the investments started in January, a lot of the projects haven’t paid out yet.

My blog is starting to look much better now that I’m learning more about WordPress and I am working hard to publish more posts. My day job and the children took a lot of my time this month, and we’re all having the flu for a whole week now. So I didn’t achieve to write 2 posts per week, which I need to do in order to reach my goal for my blog this year. Hopefully I will catch up soon.


Geld voor elkaar48.947,259.197.72 %
Funding Circle9.211,416.8412.39 %
Envestio4.761,409.7616.30 %
Grupeer8.261,000.0014.00 %
Mintos6.701,011.9812.88 %
Crowdestor8.69809.6817.00 %
Fast Invest0.000.000.00 %

Geld voor Elkaar

This month I got noted of a payment that was late, but that I should receive it soon. Geld voor Elkaar are really on top of things. So far, nothing has defaulted yet since July 2017.

Funding Circle

I invested in 3 more projects this month, which makes my total active projects 6 so far. There is still one that doesn’t pay, already 63 days now. One of the new projects is 2 days late. I haven’t heard anything about that one so far. The expected gross yield is 16.34% now and the achieved return so far is 12.39%.


On Envestio I invested some more this month. They certainly made their promise true so far that 2019 would be rich in investments. A lot of new projects opened this month. Most of them were fully funded in a few hours. The interest rates are not as high as they used to be a few months ago, the highest in my portfolio is 17,5%. Still a very nice rate though!

I currently have invested in 7 projects so far, with interest rates ranging from 15% to 17.5%. There is still € 100 in my account left to invest.

As you can see in the investment repayment schedule, I will receive more interest in February (€ 19.44) from Envestio. If the projects all pay in time of course.

In January, I reviewed Envestio, my first review ever :-) I will update my review when I have build up more experience on the platform.


I haven’t done anything with Grupeer this month. I just let the investments do their work. The first interest is paid out. I hope to have time to dive into Grupeer in February.


Unlike I said in the last update, I actually did add extra money on Mintos. I doubled my invested amount from € 500 to € 1,000. The auto-invest option works really well, both the returned interest and principal are reinvested continuously. I will review Mintos soon. I’ve been reading a lot about Mintos and am looking into statistics and loan originators.


Crowdestor has had a few new projects in January. I invested in 3 of them, which means I’m in 4 different projects so far. I still have € 200 available on my account, waiting to be invested.

A new project is coming in 6 days, so you can also start investing with Crowdestor soon.

Fast Invest

While I planned to sign up with Fast Invest sooner, I signed up yesterday and hoped to start investing just before February. But my deposit didn’t arrive until today, I transferred € 500. I’m going to check out the loans to decide which ones to invest in. I will also review them soon, hopefully this month.


My passive income is close to € 100 already, a nice result! I think I will reach that in my next portfolio update, as more projects will start to pay interest in February.

I won’t invest much in February other than the received interests and principals I think, as I already invested more than planned in January. Yep, it is kinda addictive, beware :-)

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