Portfolio Update: April 2019

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Hi everyone! Another busy month has passed and I haven’t worked as much on the blog as I wanted to. Sometimes other things need my attention as well, like my children and myself at the moment.

But, since April has passed, it’s time for my investment portfolio & blog update for April 2019.

My posts usually contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and signing up or making a purchase, I will sometimes receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Sometimes you even get a discount or a bonus by using my links. You can read my full disclosure here.

Monthly summary

  • Portfolio value: € 18,129.27
  • Deposits: € 750.00
  • Withdrawals: € 169.83
  • Passive income: € 154.46

The withdrawals are from Geld voor Elkaar and Funding Circle who pay monthly interest and principal on my bank account. I haven’t withdrawn any money manually.


So far I have only been investing in peer-to-peer lending. If you want to know more about it, you can check out my ultimate guide which explains everything you need to know to get started.

I made two charts this month, one with the current value per platform and one with my passive income growth. And to complete it all, I added a table with the average interest rates.



Geld voor Elkaar7.72 %
Funding Circle16.34 %
Crowdestor17.64 %
Mintos (EUR)12.77 %
Mintos (RUB)17.74 %
Envestio16.61 %
Grupeer14.00 %
Crowdestate15.58 %
Fast Invest13.67 %
RoboCash12.00 %
Finbee19.00 %
Neo Finance19.25 %

The platforms

Finally I made some time to add charts for my passive income per platform! I added charts for the platforms I have invested in for more than 3 months:

Geld voor Elkaar

Geld voor Elkaar is a Dutch P2P platform. This platform was my first introduction to investing. The interest rates aren’t very high and there is no buyback guarantee. For that risk, I want much higher returns to compensate losses.

I didn’t know much about investing back in 2017, but now that I know there are much better options, I’m not reinvesting my money in this platform.

Out of the 16 projects I invested in, only one is having problems so far. GvE is keeping me up to date all the time, which is very nice.

Funding Circle


Funding Circle is the second platform I started investing in. They don’t have a buyback guarantee, but the interest rates are up to 19%, which means there is room to compensate failing projects and still get a decent return.

Out of the 6 projects I invested in, one is having problems for a while now. Funding Circle has taken steps to get the money back, but I’m wondering if I’ll ever see some of it ever again. We’ll see what happens :)

What I don’t like about Funding Circle (the Dutch version, I don’t know about the versions they run in the UK and elsewhere) is that is seems like everyone can just apply for a loan and no research is being done.

Some projects on the platform are just a recipe for disaster and I often wonder why people invest in such projects. I guess some people just invest and don’t check what they are putting their money in.



Crowdestor is an Estonian P2P lending platform. The projects are all businesses with interest rates up to 20%. I like Crowdestor very much since I started investing in their projects back in December. They are still a small platform and bigger projects take a while to fill up.

There are new projects usually every week. They always let investors know when a project is coming, so people can transfer money in time if they would like to invest. All new projects come with the Buyback Guarantee Fund they introduced in February.

This month I transferred an extra € 750 to Crowdestor, which made total my invested amount € 2,750. I invested all of the transferred funds in April and I invested in 11 different projects.

Crowdestor currently has one project to invest in and two more projects are coming this week.



Mintos is a Latvian P2P marketplace with a lot of loans available all the time. They are growing very fast, which does affect their customer service at the moment, but I haven’t had any problems with them so far. You can read my Mintos review to learn more about the platform.

EUR portfolio: My 5 different auto-invest strategies, (12%+, 12.5%+, 13%+, 13.5%+ and 14%+) work pretty good. I’ve got 6 loans at 14% now and 8 loans at 13,5%.

My net annual return is still above 12% and it seems that it will stay there with these new loans I recently invested in.

RUB portfolio: In my RUB portfolio I only have one auto-invest strategy in place, which is set at 18% and higher. I didn’t reinvest my money during this month as I wanted to see how the loans were doing. Most are late, but the buyback guarantee does it’s job and so far everything goes well.

Are you new to Mintos and want to start investing with them? Mintos offers a 1% cashback bonus trough my referral link on all of your investments made in the first 90 days.




Envestio is an Estonian platform which has Business projects only. They are steadily growing and most projects are funded in an hour or even less. I reviewed them a while ago, you can read my Envestio review to learn more about the platform.

This month, I didn’t add money to my Envestio account. But my first project ended at April 22 and everything went smoothly. I reinvested the principal I got back and I have 18 active projects now. In May my second project will come to an end.

There currently is one project open to invest in, so if you want to grab a part of the 17.45% project in Crypto Mining, you still can :)

If you use my referral link to sign up, you will receive a bonus of € 5 (when you deposit at least € 100) plus a 0,5% cashback on all off your investments made in the first 270 days.



Grupeer is a Latvian platform which is a bit like Mintos, only still a lot smaller. But they are adding new loan originators and are working hard to grow. I am currently working on my Grupeer review, I hope to finish it next week.

I haven’t done anything with Grupeer this month, but I’m planning to transfer more money to Grupeer in May.

If you want to start with Grupeer, I appreciate it if you use my referral link to sign up, as I will receive a small commission from it. Unfortunately Grupeer doesn’t pay a bonus to new investors.


New platforms

Here I list the platforms that have less than 4 months of interest payments so far:

  • Fast Invest: Fast Invest is still doing it’s job, but the interest rates aren’t what they used to be. The maximum is at 13% nowadays.
  • Crowdestate: Nothing new this month with Crowdestate. The interest payments are all being paid on time so far.
  • Finbee: So far Finbee has paid out on time and there is nothing to worry about. I’m not adding more money here as I am just testing them at this point and want to dive into them before deciding if I want to add more money.
  • NEO Finance: I recently started with NEO Finance. I have received payments again this month and so far so good.
  • RoboCash: I also recently started with RoboCash and everything is working as it should so far.
  • Monestro: Finally I invested all of my € 100 I transferred earlier to Monestro. Half of the money is in a 34% loan and the other half is in a 33% loan. Up until now, I haven’t received any payments. One project had to pay me already, but the payment day got changed by the borrower. Apparently a borrower can do that, but the borrower has to pay a fee for that. Let’s see if I will get a payment in May.


How is the blog doing?

Statistics of my fourth month of blogging:

  • 2031 pageviews (up from 1368)
  • 918 visitors (up from 599)
  • 21 Facebook likes (up from 8)
  • 402 followers on Twitter (up from 232)
  • 52 followers on Pinterest
  • 3.4k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest (up from 15)

The blog is growing nicely, but I still have tons to learn and so much I want to write about! Time is definitely the enemy here, but I’m putting all of my spare time into this and I still love to do this it after a couple of months of working all the time.

And that is rare to me, as I never really had a job where I wanted to work all the time and enjoyed it so much. I don’t even really get paid for this job yet, I think my hourly rate is less than € 0.01 at the moment ;)

Most of the joy I can assign to the FIRE community on Twitter. I already met so many great people on Twitter who are like minded and it’s really great to get to know them by reading their posts and discussing about it all.


My passive income grew again this month as it’s over € 150 now. I want to add a few more platforms next month to try out. After a couple of months, I’m going to review my investments and decide which platforms I will keep and invest more money into. Ultimately, I want to spread my money across 5-10 platforms max.

I also want to start diversifying more and I’m reading about stocks. It would be nice if I can spread my investments in a couple of different things like P2P, stocks, bonds, real estate and maybe a little bit of crypto.

Newsflash: I bought a camel yesterday! I was inspired by The Wealthy Finn who already owns a camel :) I really like the thought behind Agrikaab. It feels like giving to charity, but I actually get a return from it as well. That’s a win-win situation right there and very clever to build up a business in Africa this way! The camels are sold out at this point, but you can still invest in the Farm Pond!

Hopefully you had a good read and I hope to see you again next time.

Kind Regards,

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Really interesting post!

    I’ve been investing with LendingClub for a few years now in the US. My annualized return has fluctuated from 6% to about 8% over time. I typically only invest in credit card refinancing loans, and to individuals who own their home.

    1. Hi Nate, thank you for your comment. I heard about LendingClub, but as a European, I can’t invest in US platforms. I also like the returns from the European platforms better ;)

  2. Hi Janneke,
    I hadn’t heard much about Finbee and NEO Finance before.
    I know its early days, but how is your feeling with these platforms? I couldn’t see any buyback guarantees with Finbee, and the provision fund for NEO Finance really dropped the return.
    Loving the diversification!

    1. Hi Matt,

      So far, both of them are doing okay. Finbee has 1 overdue out of 6 and Neo Finance 1 out of 9. I didn’t buy the provision fund, as I found it too expensive.

      Can’t really say much more at this point, I have to wait and see how the loans will perform and what the platform does to recover the money if a loan doesn’t get paid back.


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