My Plan To Become Financially Independent In 10 Years

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On September first 2029 I will turn 45. It would be a great birthday gift to be Financially Independent at that age. So I decided to make a plan to know what I have to do to be financially independent in 10 years.

My 10-year plan to become financially independent

From blog to business

I’ve always struggled about what to do with my life. I’ve tried a lot of things, tried many studies, but none of it was exactly what I wanted.

When I started my blog and dove into the blogging community, I realized that I can actually grow my blog into a business and when I succeed, I never have to apply for a job I don’t really want again.

As I love to work alone, love to write and have been a fan of computers from a very young age (what do you expect when your parents open up a computer store when you’re 2), soon this blog / business felt as the right job for me.

Goals & dreams

Where would we be without goals? If there are no goals to reach, you don’t have to walk the extra mile to get things done. That’s exactly why I wanted to write this post. It gives me the insight in what I have to do to reach my goals and dreams.

Help more people

Seeing that still a lot of people struggle with money and don’t know much about investing or working towards financial independence, I love to show those people how to change their life around.

Helping other people succeed in their life is awesome. If I make enough money with my business, I can keep doing this full-time, which means more time to help more people.

Financial independence

The ultimate goal is to reach financial independence.

Being financially independent means never having to worry about money again. If something bad happens with you or your family, there is time to deal with it without running into trouble with your boss or stress about the bills you need to pay.

Financial independence gives you options. You can choose to do whatever you want, and it doesn’t matter if it will pay the bills. Maybe you want to work full-time for a charity you love or take care of your grandchildren a couple of days a week.

Personally I would love to provide emergency foster care for babies in the future, which is not really possible if you have to work a lot. And there are also a couple of charities I would love to help out financially.

Reach Financial Independence in 10 years

If I want to succeed, I need to know what I have to do to get there. To succeed I have to:

  • Work hard to grow my business
  • Save money by living frugally
  • Invest my money

To measure how far I am on my journey, I have set 3 goals. I will elaborate on each of the goals how I plan to achieve them.

Step 1: € 1,000 a month with my business and passive income combined

Plan to reach this in: December 2019
Reached this in: …?

In June 2019, my combined income was about € 350. In July it’s going to exceed € 500! But my passive won’t grow much higher this year due to low income thus no more investing. So the rest has to come from business income.

Online business course

I’m working on a course called “The $100k Climb“. It’s a course to build an online business in 18 months that makes $100k a year. It’s a very extensive course with courses on building your own brand, content creation, pinterest, seo, affiliate marketing and more.

I really like the courses and am learning every day. It’s not some sales crap course like other courses I’ve come across. It’s all about giving the most value to your readers and build a brand. I feel confident that I can build a successful online business with everything that I learn in this course.

Make money

The plan to reach € 1,000 in December is to write a lot of good content and earn some money with ads. And I will keep reviewing & interviewing platforms which can lead to some affiliate income.

At the moment I’m also working on the Dutch version of my website, which I hope to launch in September. I think it has the potential to make some money as well.

Having a decent income allows me to spend all my time on my business to give my readers more value and to help more people.

Progress (June 2019)


Step 2: A passive income of € 1,000 a month

Plan to reach this in: June 2025
Reached this in: …?

A passive income of € 1,000 a month means a passive income of € 12,000 a year. The interest rate I gain at the moment is on average more than 10%. To keep things simple, I will use 10% for my calculations.

  • € 1,000 a month means that I need to have at least € 120,000 invested.
  • I assume that my invested amount will be € 25,000 in June 2020.
  • Starting in June 2020, I have to invest € 1,000 a month.

Using the compound interest calculator, I will reach an invested amount of € 120,000 in 5 years.

To be able to invest € 1,000 a month next year, I need to make at least € 2,000 every month with my business.

Grow my business

By June 2020, I plan to have launched one or more products. This means I will generate income from a couple of different sources by then:

  • Affiliate Marketing: Next year, I think I can earn € 500 a month with affiliate marketing with this website and the Dutch version.
  • Advertising: Hopefully I’m in a good ad company next year and it could potentially earn me € 500 – € 1,000 a month from advertising.
  • My own products: To reach € 2,000 a month, I need to make € 500 – € 1,000 a month from my own products. To be clear: If I launch a product that’s € 25, I have to sell it to 20-40 people every month, so that’s about 1 person a day. Sounds doable right?

$100k Climb

If I can do everything The $100k Climb course teaches me correctly, the course should lead me to $100k a year. That means I should make $8,333.33 or ~ € 7,400 a month after 18 months of hard work.

While I want to be positive, I don’t see myself earning that kind of money. As I’ve never made more than € 1,500 a month in my life, the goal of me making ~ € 2,000 a month already sounds really extreme to me and I will be ecstatic when I reach such numbers.

Progress (June 2019)


Step 3: A passive income of € 2,500 a month

Plan to reach this in: September 2029
Reached this in: …?

This is my end goal. I consider myself financially independent when my passive income has reached € 2,500 a month. To reach this, I need to have a total invested amount of €250,000.

When I can keep it up to invest € 1,000 a month all this time, my invested amount will grow from € 120,000 to € 250,000 in 52 months (4 years & 4 months). As that will get me to € 250,000 1 month too late, I have to put in a little bit above € 1,000 in the last couple of months.

Progress (June 2019)



My plan is to reach financial independence in 10 years by:

  • Working really hard on my online business and helping a lot of people in the process.
  • Living frugally by spending less while still enjoying life
  • Investing money

“If it’s important you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.”
Ryan Blair

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. I think you’ll make it.

    My prediction is that you’ll reach a solid business income much sooner, pouring capital into your investments, resulting in reaching that goal in half the time.

    It sounds like you have all the corners covered to succeed. It’s a snowball that turns into an avalanche.

    You’re too determined not to be a great success.

    What have been the most interesting areas of the course? Things you’ve learned most of?

    1. Ahhw thank you for your awesome comment!! I can’t imagine reaching this goal in 10 years, let alone half of it. But in theory it can be done, so I’m going for it, even though it’s quite scary all haha

      I have still a lot of stuff to go in the courses, but the parts about building a brand and creating a tribe of true fans, are really great and eye opening! Before I found this course, I came across a bunch of courses and the sales talk really put me off. It’s all about getting a million followers, but are those people actually going to buy anything from you?

      This course is all about giving so much help and value that people love to read everything from you and then people are also happy to buy something from you, because they know it’s filled with value. And then you don’t need to apply all those horrible sales tactics.

      Maybe you’ve also seen those webinars that promises to teach you all kinds of stuff. And then when you watch it, it’s an intro of 30 minutes without any value and then the host talks an hour about his product you can buy that actually teaches you the things you signed up for in the first place. I hate that crap. And I never want to become like that. Obviously it works, but I rather earn my money by actually helping people and in a way I feel good about.

      And another thing I learned from the course is that it’s okay to write about something that’s been written before. If people go to that site, they can also go to my site. I just have to make sure that my writing is better and gives even more value and it really helps people.

  2. Great plan and great explanation!
    I’m looking forward to achieve the same goal more or less.
    Just one thing I’m concerned about is to find alternative investments that are closed to the 10% interest rate of the P2P.
    I mean..what if the P2P business is going to drop the interest rates? Let’s say 5%, then the forecasted timing is going to double

  3. Nice plan! I like how you broke out your three goals and the progression that’s involved. I’ve always found that listing out your goals is a great way to keep everything in mind, and I like how they build off each other, too. Looking forward to reading more about how your plan is going as well as taking a look at that course.

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