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  • Do you want more options and freedom in your life?

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A financially independent life is possible for everyone if you take the right steps!

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How I Survived My First 6 Months Of Blogging

Yesterday 6 months ago, I published my very first blog post, quite a milestone to me! It’s been a great experience so far and I still love to blog. Even though some weeks there isn’t much time to write or all the thoughts and stuff in my head are holding

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frugal activities to do this weekend

56 Frugal Activities To Do This Weekend

Are you struggling with money and have no idea what to do this weekend? Check out these frugal activities you can do on your own, with your kids or with friends and family. Lots of these activities can be done in or around your house and lots of them are

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Interview Series Reinvest24

Interview Series #1: Interview with Reinvest24

As an investor, I want to get to know the platforms I’m putting my money in. One way to do this, is to interview the CEO of a platform and that is exactly what I’m going to do in my new interview series. Here is my interview with Reinvest24. Make

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Buy Nothing Challenge – May Update

And then it was June, so it’s time for the May update of our challenge. It was a busy month with some more days out with the family than usual. Making memories together is always good! The weather is getting better every day and we are outside a lot. New to

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portfolio update

Portfolio Update: May 2019

Hi everyone! Times flies and we just ended another month. The weather is becoming better almost every day here in the Netherlands. Time to dive into the numbers again for my May 2019 portfolio update. My posts usually contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and signing up or making

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