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What if you never have to worry about money again?

What if you can do the job you love instead of the job that pays the bills? 

A financially independent life is within reach if you take the right steps!

I will guide you trough your journey towards financial freedom!

portfolio update

Portfolio Update: March 2019

Hi everyone! It’s already spring and the weather is great at the moment, at least here in the Netherlands it

Mintos Review

I’ve been investing in Mintos for a while now, so it is time for a Mintos review. Mintos is a

What Does FIRE Mean To Me?

About a year ago, I never heard of FIRE. But when I started to get interested in investing, I came

portfolio update

Portfolio Update: January 2019

It’s already February, so it’s time for a portfolio update. In January I added some more funds to several accounts.

Envestio Review

In this blog post I will dive into Envestio to review them. I really like this European peer-to-peer platform. Their

Buy Nothing Challenge 2019

While I was reading other blogs about personal finance and spending less, I came across a post on the buy

My Goals For 2019

A bit late, since we’re already halfway into January, but here are my goals for 2019 for my blog, for


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