October 2019 Update – Getting Close To € 1000 From Blog & Passive Income!

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Fall is well on it’s way, it’s getting colder and it’s dark early these days. The cozy season is coming, I love it! My blog and passive income grew to another high in October, so awesome to see my hard work and my investments are paying off!

For my Dutch readers: I launched the Dutch version of my website recently. There haven’t been much new posts and I still have to translate a lot of posts, but you can already check it out and bookmark it for the future.

For new readers: I mostly invest in European crowdlending platforms. If you want to know more about it, you can check out my ultimate guide which explains everything you need to know to get started.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please visit my full disclosure policy for more details.

October 2019 update

Lets dive into the numbers for my October 2019 update!

Monthly summary

  • Portfolio value: € 24,791.37
  • Deposits: € 1250.00
  • Withdrawals: € 758.78
  • Passive income: € 323.94
  • Blog income: € 621.45
  • Total income: € 945.39

The withdrawals are from Geld voor Elkaar and Funding Circle who pay monthly interest and principal on my bank account. I also withdrew €550 from Mintos this month due to the current low interest rates.

Passive Income Charts

October 2019 update - Portfolio Allocation October 2019 update - Passive Income


The Platforms

I’m changing the look of my updates a bit. I’m working on separate pages for every platform I invest in where I gather all my information about that particular platform. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time yet, but I plan to add them in November.

The platforms I use and their performance:

Platform Average
Geld voor Elkaar 7.73 % € 5,796.06 € 39.81
Crowdestor 18.54 % € 5342.94 € 50.54
Envestio 17.46 % € 2,442.08 € 33.56
Mintos 13.44 % € 1,684.38 € 23.38
Kuetzal 20.02 % € 1,870.36 € 25.40
Agrikaab 32.00 % € 1,509.46 € 106.89
Funding Circle 16.34 % € 1,164.32 € 10.60
Grupeer 13.20 % € 1,116.37 € 8.99
Fast Invest 13.20 % € 546.61 € 6.41
Crowdestate 15.62 % € 533.60 € 2.06
PeerBerry 12.83 % € 523.71 € 5.29
EstateGuru 11.00 % € 519.40 € 3.85
Reinvest24 13.13 % € 502.43 € 0.49
BulkEstate 16.65% € 500.00 € 0
Monethera 18.76 % € 258.92 € 2.63
Wisefund 18.98 % € 257.68 € 4.04
Monestro 33.50 % € 112.08 € 0


October 2019 updates & news

Agrikaab paid out again, that’s why my passive income is a lot higher this month. The payments are made into my account and as soon as there is a new greenhouse available to invest in, I’m going to put some money into that.

I still love their projects and they keep everyone who’s interested up to date all the time through their social media accounts.

Crowdestor has some really interesting projects, like the Mafia Stars game and the Warhunt movie. I invested in both of them. Another blogger went to see the crew from Warhunt and made a really nice post about it. Check it out here.

In September I received my first interest from Monethera, a platform I started investing in last month. They paid out on time. They also have some new projects, but I haven’t transferred more money there yet. But I’m definitely going to.

Bulkestate doesn’t pay interest monthly, that’s why the passive income will be at zero for a while.

The interest rates from Mintos are still low, that’s why I withdrew some more money and transferred it to Crowdestor and Kuetzal.

And another loan originator (Rapido Finance) from Mintos isn’t paying back the investors as you can read here. So, always keep watching where you put your money. Check out this post to see how I select the loan originators I invest in on Mintos.

Today I received an email from Kuetzal about a project that’s in trouble. It’s good to see they are on top of things and I’m interested to see how they are going to deal with these kinds of problems.

Monestro hasn’t paid out anything this month. Both loans are not paying and it doesn’t look like Monestro is doing anything to get borrowers to pay their loans back.

Luckily I only have € 100 invested in the platform. I’ve got no idea if I will ever get all of it back. But we will see! Monestro seems quite risky so far, so I suggest to only transfer a little bit of money if you do want to try them out for yourself.

Crowdlending platforms overview

If you are looking for more platforms to invest in, you can check out my platform overview page. This list contains a lot of European P2P platforms. I also keep track of cashback campaigns and signup bonuses and update the page regularly.

Cashback Campaigns

I changed the menu of the site a little bit and I made a separate page for the active cashback campaigns to give you a better overview of everything.

Open Crowdlending Project To Invest In

Another new page I made is the one with open crowdlending projects to invest in. This gives you an easy overview of the currently projects to invest your money in. I didn’t include crowdlending marketplaces like Mintos or Grupeer as they always have tons of open loans.

How is the blog doing?

Traffic-wise, the blog is pretty steady the last couple of months. I’m working hard to attract more people and I’m certain it will grow again soon.

Income-wise, it was an awesome month as I made more than € 600 in blog income alone. Combined with my passive income, I actually came very close to my target of € 1000 which I’ve set for December.

So, I want to thank everyone that is reading my blog and using my links, as that makes it possible for me to keep working on the blog and keep expanding the blog with more value.

I’ve still got lots and lots of plans, so check back in every now and then, follow me on social media or sign up for my email list so you always know when there’s new stuff to be found.


My tenth month of blogging:

  • 5497 pageviews (was: 5210)
  • 2382 visitors (was: 2173)
  • 98 Facebook likes (was: 89)
  • 1123 followers on Twitter (was: 1046)
  • 204 followers on Pinterest (was: 188)


This was an awesome month. I know my passive income will be lower next month as Agrikaab won’t pay out again till January. But I’m going to work hard to keep my blog income up and hopefully let it grow a little bit more to reach my first goal.

See you next month!

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Hi Janneke,
    Thank you for the link to my article. Yeah, those exotic Crowdestor projects are really interesting. I see you like the platform as much as I do. Congrats on almost hitting the 1000 EUR milestone. Put a bottle of bobble water in the fridge – next month you will be there! Sorry to hear about Monestro. I hope it will solve itself, but eventually, these things happen. That is why we diversify. Your blog looks good and has some interesting content. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Georg,
      You’re welcome, it is a very good article and gives confidence that’s it’s a good project. Really great that you do those visits!

      And thank you, would be awesome to hit that € 1000 next month, we will see how it goes :)

      Yeah Monestro, I was already skeptic before I started with them, that’s why I only put € 100 in it :) I’ll just see it as learning money.

  2. Yess you’re doing a great job and I’m happy that your blog statistics keep on growing and growing!

    1. Thank you!! :)

  3. Amazing! Congrats on almost reaching €1000 in just less than a year! What’s most incredible is that your blog income double that of your investment income. Could you share the breakdown of what the blog income consists like you do with the P2P? I think that’ll be really interesting insight.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us your progress!

    1. Hi Mama Bear, thank you!

      The blog income is all affiliate income at this moment, so there isn’t really much to tell so far haha :) I am planning to write separate investment and blog updates in 2020 and write more about my blog income as well.

      On the “blogging” page, there is a chart with my blog income per month so far. Maybe you like that as well.

  4. WOW impressive income.

    i only made about 60 EUR in October 2019.
    I released a new report on my blog.

    1. Thank you :)

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