23 Mintos Loan Originators I Feel Comfortable Investing In

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How do you select the best Mintos loan originators when investing in P2P platform Mintos? I asked myself the same question, so I made a list for you to help you select the loan originators to invest in.

Last update: November 24, 2019

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Mintos loan originators

What did I look at?

Since I started investing on Mintos, I have been reading a lot about the platform and tried to figure out what the best investment strategy is. Which loan originators do I have to avoid and which ones are good and solid?

To answer this question, I looked at a couple of different things:

  • The ratings of Mintos loan originators from ExploreP2P
  • The ratings of Mintos loan originators from Mintos itself
  • Does the loan originator offer a buyback guarantee on it’s loans
  • Does the loan originator pay interest on late loans
  • Loan originators with a grace period of max 10 days
  • The average interest rates the Mintos loan originators offer

Explore P2P ratings

ExploreP2P has rated all Mintos loan originators according to different things, like their financial reports. It’s very informative and looks like a very solid rating. That’s why I use their rating as well to decide which loan originators I would like to invest in.

Mintos loan originators ratings

Mintos has 10 different ratings, from A+ to D. Since I don’t like to invest in loan originators with too much risk, I only include loan originators with a low to moderate risk. (Explanation about the Mintos ratings can be found here).

Buyback guarantee

I don’t invest in loans without a buyback guarantee.

The risk is a bit lower with this guarantee, as all loans that are 60 days late, will be bought back by the loan originator and I will get my money plus accrued interest instead of losing my money.

Of course it doesn’t make investing risk-free as the loan originator or the platform itself can still default and the buyback guarantee won’t be worth much at that point.

You can read more about this in my Mintos review or my ultimate guide to peer-to-peer lending.

Interest Income on Delayed Payments

Since I want to receive interest on my late loans, I usually exclude loan originators that don’t pay interest income on late loans. There are some exceptions, like Mogo as they have a good track record and seem like solid loan originators.

Mogo does have a penalty income on delayed payments, which also covers some of the interest on late loans. In the end it’s up to you if you want to invest in them or not.

The grace period

Since the grace period doesn’t count as being late, you don’t get any interest over this period (unless a loan goes from grace period to late, then all days do count as late).

I personally don’t want to invest in loan originators that have a grace period of more than 10 days.

The average interest rates

The returns from loan originators differ a lot. I always look for higher returns without investing in loan originators that are too risky. The table is by default sorted by highest interest rate.

The average interest rates are not only for EUR loans, but also for the loans in other currencies.


Combining everything, I made a list of the Mintos loan originators I feel comfortable investing in.

On Late
LF Tech59B-YesYes014.2%
Lime Zaim65BYesYes012.8%
67BYesYes/No0 - 911.4%
Mogo79AYes/NoNo0 - 411.3%
ID Finance78BYesYes0 - 311.1%
Credit Star79BYesYes0 - 311.0%
Iute Credit77B+YesYes710.9%
ITF Group50B-YesYes310.2%
Placet Group71A-/B+YesYes0 - 28.5%

Hopefully you can use this list to your advantage. I will try to keep this list up to date. If you see anything that is incorrect or missing, please leave a comment below and I will update the list accordingly.

Want to join Mintos?

To learn more about Mintos, you can check out my Mintos review.

If you don’t have an account on Mintos yet, you can use my link to sign up to receive a 0.5% bonus on your invested funds in the first 3 months.

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This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. I have almost the same criteria’s choosing the originators at Mintos and i’m almost financially independent mom :)

  2. Great job and article!
    I used quite the same criteria as you. Only I do not considered the grace period (good advice!), and I considered loan originators from p2pexplore rating 47 instead of 50 (I do not remember why… :D ).
    A note about interests on delayed payments: Mogo (and others) do not ask for interests on delayed payments, however they ask for penalties in some cases higher than interests (excluding Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Estonia), So the good news is that IMHO you do not need to exclude Mogo at all, but only to select countries. ;)

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you liked it.

      Good to know about Mogo, will look into them a bit more! I’m also going to look at the Mintos statistics as someone told me about EBV Finance that has 100% paid on time loans. I will add the extra information soon, hope to be able to do it tomorrow!

    2. I just updated the post & the table!

  3. How about SEBO ?

    1. SEBO only has a score of 21 on explorep2p, that’s why they aren’t on the list.

  4. About SEBO, check Mintos statistics:

    – %Current – 91.1
    – Grace Period% – 4.2
    – 1-15 Days Late% – 3.4
    – 16-30 Days Late% – 1
    – 31-60 Days Late% – 0.2

    Also, BuyBack, 3 days Grace Period and B- rating. Interest on delayed also.

    My 2c: I am very comfortable investing in Sebo :)

    1. That’s alright of course :) Everyone has their own parameters to look at.

      I just like to add the ratings from exploreP2P, as I believe they do a good job looking into the loan originators. And I don’t have to time to dive into all the financial statements at this moment, so I depend on the information I’ve got :)

  5. So let me get this straight
    You rather add na originator that DOES NOT pay intrest on late loans but you are concerned with 10 day grace period… interesting
    if a guy pays on day 10 of grace, you loose 10 days of intrest, but if a guy defaults you need to wait 60 DAYS without geting intrest in some originators to get the buy back…
    And what is so bad about a score <50 ? VARKS has 22 milion euros in loans and a "current" status of 90%
    I invest heavily in Varks

    1. Hi Nuno,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The only two loan originators that don’t pay interest on late loans on this list are MOGO and EBV. EBV never has late loans and MOGO works with a penalty, that’s why I decided to take the risk there. I’m using these settings and can always edit when I find that it doesn’t work well. I will update this list in case I feel it needs an update.

      Of course everyone can make their own choices. I chose to go for loan originators with a score of 50 or higher. These are the loan originators I personally feel comfortable investing in. But of course everyone is free to invest is every loan originator they feel good about.

      Have a great day!

      1. I just saw that Varks’ rating has improved to 61, so I will update my list with the new numbers, today or tomorrow!

  6. The comment about MOGO is not entirely correct
    Late payment fees only apply if the customer actually pays… if he does not, you get nothing.
    What I got from experience is that 99,9999999% of loans that go late are never payed and have to be bought back by the Originator.
    So to all purposes MOGO DOES NOT PAY INTEREST ON LATE LOANS ! And is therefor out of my list

  7. Thank you for your kind reply Janneke
    Yes Varks has been uprated, and all the 14,5% loans they had listed have disapeared in a flash :)

    Onde question about EBV Finance that you have in your list… I see they have loans listed paying 9% with a stated APR to the customer of only 10.3%… how is it possible such small gap ??
    I have also seen listings on Mintos of originators with LOWER APRs then the interest payed… there is still a lot I need to understand in Mintos…

    1. I have no idea about the sometimes low APR’s, I have to look into that or might ask Mintos about it.

  8. Can you tell were information of “Paid on time” is available?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Eduardo, it’s on the statistics page: https://www.mintos.com/en/statistics/. Scroll down a little bit to “Loan Performance Details” and you can choose percent to see the percentages for everything.

  9. Excellent Job, and thank you for keeping it updated!

  10. Thank you so much for keeping it updated.

  11. I really appreciated the article because it gave me a method to build my portfolio.
    I’m very cautious so I invest from B+ rating, B only if the explorer score is good. .
    The problem remains that for some LOs it is difficult to find loans, at least with decent interests

  12. Thanks for the September update.

  13. “Mogo, Kredit Pintar and LF Tech have 0% loans that are paid on time from their short-term loans.”

    Hi! Probably a stupid question, but what do you mean by a ‘short-term loan’? Less than 1 year?

    1. Hi TK,

      Mintos has 8 different type of loans and short-term is one of them. If I look at the primary market and select short-term loans as loan type, I see loans up to 60 days, so I assume that the short term loans are loans up to 60 days.

      1. Thank you! I have one last question. Is it better to put the diversification settings on default or should I use an equal distribution (about 4.35% per originator)? Or maybe something custom entirely?

        Love your blog, btw. It’s great!

        1. Hi TK, personally I don’t use the diversification tool anymore (going to update the review soon), as I diversify more across platforms instead of having equal loan originators.

          But if I still used it, I would manually choose percentages. The loan originators you like best a few % higher for example.

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