Since July 2017, I have been investing in peer-to-peer lending, also known as P2P lending, crowdlending or crowdinvesting. On this page you will find all blog posts that are related to investing.

To check out how my investments are doing, you can check out my portfolio. I keep track of how my investments are distributed, how the various platforms perform and how high my passive income is.

I also made an overview of all the platforms I use, with the basic information and the most important features, like if they offer a buyback guarantee.

Portfolio Update: April 2019

Hi everyone! Another busy month has passed and I haven’t worked as much on the blog as I wanted to. Sometimes other things need my attention as well, like my

Mintos Financial Report For 2018

Mintos recently released their Financial Report for 2018. As an investor in Mintos, it’s good to know how they are doing financially. If you want to read the full report,

Portfolio Update: March 2019

Hi everyone! It’s already spring and the weather is great at the moment, at least here in the Netherlands it is. March has ended and that means it’s time for

Portfolio Update: February 2019

Hi readers. It’s a new month again, so it’s time for a new portfolio on my investments. How did February go? I invested a little bit more money and discovered

Mintos Review

I’ve been investing in Mintos for a while now, so it is time for a Mintos review. Mintos is a marketplace for loans, but most people refer to it as

Portfolio Update: January 2019

It’s already February, so it’s time for a portfolio update. In January I added some more funds to several accounts. As a lot of the investments started in January, a

Envestio Review

In this blog post I will dive into Envestio to review them. I really like this European peer-to-peer platform. Their website is very easy to use, the projects on their

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