Interview Series #3: Interview With P2P Platform Monethera

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As an investor, I want to get to know the platforms I’m putting my money in. One way to do this, is to interview the CEO of a platform and that is exactly what I’m going to do in my new interview series. Here is my interview with a new platform called Monethera.

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Investment Platform Interview Series # 3 - Monethera

Introduction to Monethera

Monethera was founded in 2017 as a private investment fund and has now become an online crowdinvesting platform. They offer projects in real estate, business growing, technology, energy and logistics. The interest rates are between 16% and 22%.

The website looks good and works good as well. I started investing with Monethera in September and as I wanted to know bit more about them, I decided to ask them if they wanted to answer some questions. They responded the next day and answered all of my questions.

If you have any further questions, let me know in the comments below and I will contact the CEO of Monethera, Andis Taubergs, again to get answers and I will add those questions and answers to this interview.

I will be doing a review on Monethera in the future, but first I need to gain some experience with the platform and their performance. In a couple of months, I will review the platform and let you know how my investments are doing.

Do you want to check out Monethera for yourself? Each investor who signs up with this link gets € 5 and 0.5% cashback on all investments made during the first 180 days.

The questions


1: Can you tell something about yourself / what is your education and experience in the P2P industry?

My name is Andis Taubers and I am the CEO of Monethera.

First of all I am a businessman. I’ve been handling several Exchange companies around the Europe, before I started to work in Investing sector more closely. For last 4 years me and my team been working in a Crowdfunding sector.

2: When and why did you start Monethera?

It is more about the whole team:

  • Kristina is an experienced Investment Advisor, who have worked on this position for many years. She is looking for most interesting and profitable investment opportunities for Monethera.
  • Viktor have a lot of years of experience in Financial Risks Analysis. Before he has started to grew his own business he have been working in large Gas/Oil company on different positions connected to Risk Analysis. For last years he is working on Monethera and previously on our Private Investment fund, where he only proofed his risk prediction abilities.
  • I’ve been an Entrepreneur for last 20 years. And I learned up that the very important thing for successful business is the ability to connect the right people and build a very strong team. I was successfully leading the Private fund and continuously the Monethera.

3: What is the key element in your platform that makes your platform excel?

First of all we have started a Private investment fund, as in our business area we had a lot of connections and successful businesses that been required for funding. So we have built our team together and for couple of years of existence we have achieved really great results.

In 2018 we have decided to open a public crowdinvesting platform – Monethera. We have seen that also smaller companies have been required funding, especially in Baltic region.

As our Private Funds funding targets were starting from 1-2M EUR, we have made a decision to open Monethera to give an opportunity to both, borrowers who are looking for funding for their existing businesses and let them grow more quickly and for private investors from all around the Europe to make a good profit on it together with us.

More info on the Monethera blog: From the private fund to the crowdinvesting platform

4: How does your platform differentiate from all the other platforms?

Well, there are a lot of Crowdfunding platforms on a market and we can’t say anything good or bad about them, but we know for sure, what are we doing and in what direction are we moving.

We are presenting only most profitable, interesting and safe projects for investors. For some of them interest rate can be even 22%, which is very high on this market.

We are offering real buyback guaranty (partial guaranteed, as can be seen on our website). There are also no any hidden fees for investors. We believe, that together we are changing a lot!

5: How many employees does Monethera currently employ? How many experience do they have in this industry?

Monethera has different partners in Informational Technologies company, Audit companies, Lawyers etc.

Monethera currently got 5 employees, as for it self. But including all partnerships – there are more than 20 professionals working on Monethera on a daily basis to make it better and be simply the best in Crowdfunding sector.

6: How many registered investors do you currently have on the platform?

Since June 2019 we have already 1468 investors registered at Monethera, which seems to us as a very good start. (The current umber can be seen on the Monethera main page)

7: How is the platform regulated?

The company is registered in Estonia. So we are following all Estonian laws, got all licenses and taxes in there.

8: What are the main advantages for borrowers?

We are taking only 2-3% fee from borrowers and even if after Due Diligence process we are declining their projects to be funded with Monethera – they are getting full Audit results, which can be very useful to make their existing businesses more successful.

Also for Real Estate projects there is not needed to wait, while all funds will be collected by investors. Sometimes we do agree to pre-fund projects to start their realisation ASAP.

9: What are the main advantages for investors?

High Interest rates, possibility to diversify their portfolio by different business sectors, thorough selected investment targets and easy to use interface.

10: What return can investors gain on your platform?

With a maximum diversification of investors portfolio between all current projects, for example for first investors – APR is 18.4%. It all depends on investors. They are able to choose and diversify their portfolio, as they want.

11: Are you planning to add an auto-invest feature in the future?

Auto-invest and some other things will be also implemented to Monethera in nearest future.

12: Are you planning to add a secondary market in the future?

We have no plans for a secondary market yet.

13: How do you pick which projects are good enough for the platform?

Sometimes it is a quite long process, as every project have to pass different stages of verification.

  1. Kristina is looking at the project’s business plan and see how relevant it is.
  2. If Kristina accepts the project – and we comes to conclusion with a borrower about possible fees etc. – we are taking a fee from a project and sending it’s documents and business plan to Audit agency.
  3. If the score of Due Diligence is high enough and borrower have passed all checks successfully – Viktor is making a final decision to approve the project or no, as he have to count all the possible risks, try to get rid of them and if everything went smooth – we are ready to present projects to investors at Monethera.

14: Where do you see the platform in 5 years?

It is a good question. Probably next year we are going to make a sub-platform focused especially on Real Estate sector.

We believe that Monethera will continue to grow even after 5 years, because there is always a lot of investment possibilities, that will bring interest for investors and help businesses to make their services and companies stronger and better.

15: What happens if a project fails / defaults?

In the worst scenario, if the project defaults we are going to restore the debt from the companies owner or pledged assets.

16: How does your buyback guarantee work?

If any project defaults, which can be named as defaulted only after one month after not repaying the the loan in full, we are going to pay 35% of investments back to investors immediately from our reserve fund.

All the rest 65% + interest for a delay will be paid out as soon as litigation process with a borrower finishes successfully.

More info on the Monethera blog: How does buyback work?

17: Is there enough liquidity to pay the buyback guarantee to all investors if one or more large projects fail at the same time?

Yes, for sure there is enough funds to cover that 35%, which is guaranteed by our Private Investments fund.  But as practice shows – we have only 1 defaulted projects until the end of 2018.

18: What happens to investors’ money if the platform goes out of business?

In this scenario all uninvested investor’s money on their Monethera balances will be immediately paid out to their bank accounts and for rest of existing investments will be issued a reserved Administrator by a government.

19: Does Monethera also invest in the projects?

Yes, we do. We still have our private fund, which is focused on more expensive investment targets.

As I have written before – we are also leave the right to pre-fund any of projects if it’s implementation is needed to be started quicker, than we receives needed investments from our investors.

Do you want to check out Monethera for yourself? Each investor who signs up with this link gets € 5 + 0.5% cashback on all investments made during the first 180 days.


So far the platforms looks good to me. They answer my questions fast and their platform is easy to navigate and to me the website is very clear. As I just started investing in them last month, I can’t say anything yet about their performance.

I hope you learned more about the platform through this interview with Monethera and got excited! Check back soon for my review and other interviews.

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Do you have more questions about Monethera?
Let me know, so I can ask them for you.

Which platform do you like me to interview next?
I’m planning to do interviews on a lot of platforms to give you a great overview of them. That way you can make a good choice where to put your money.

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