How To Downsize Your Wardrobe To A Manageable Maximum Of 50 Clothes

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Are you tired of spending hours to find what to wear today because of the piles of clothes you’ve got? Are you sick of having a messy wardrobe? Then it’s time to dive into your wardrobe and downsize!

As I mentioned in my last buy nothing challenge update, I wanted to downsize on clothes myself and I will tell you how I did it and show you the before and after pictures.

downsize your wardrobe to 50 clothes

Why should you downsize your wardrobe?

  • Downsizing your wardrobe means less clothes. So the clothes you do have will fit neatly in the wardrobe.
  • Having less also means that you will save time picking an outfit. You don’t have to go through 50 shirts any more. When you’ve only got 10 shirts you really love, you can just grab one and feel good in it!
  • You should only want to own clothes you love and get rid of the ones you don’t like anymore or the ones that don’t fit.
  • When you have less clothes, you will have less laundry, which is always a good thing!
  • You don’t have to look everywhere for the clothes you want to wear, because they all fit nicely into the wardrobe. Everything in one place means saving time and also saving money because you don’t have to buy something you already own but can’t find.
  • Having a tidy wardrobe is great to avoid stress.

How do you start to downsize your wardrobe?

The easiest is to put everything into 3 piles: Love – Doubt – Out

  • The Love-pile will go into your wardrobe
  • The Out-pile will go into bags. You can sell or donate these clothes.
  • The Doubt-pile is the pile you have to go through again at the end and try to decide for every item if it goes to the Out or the Love pile.

For the Doubt-pile, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would I buy this item again?
  • Do I feel good in it?
  • Does it still fit me & my life?
  • Can I match it with other clothes I love?

The steps to downsize your wardrobe

Make sure to have some uninterrupted time scheduled. My husband and our boys are away this week, so this is a great opportunity to do downsize my own wardrobe.

To get started, grab everything you have and put it on your bed. Don’t be scared, it’s probably a lot!

This is how I started this morning:

downsize your wardrobe

It’s sooo much! Now it’s time to go through everything. I will tell you how I did it.

Step 1: Clothes that are too big or too small

As I lost a lot of weight in the last two years, lots of clothes are too big now, so there was no doubt that those clothes could go to the Out-pile.

As I’m not done yet with losing weight, there are also some clothes that don’t yet fit me. I like to keep the ones that I still love, but they don’t have to be in my wardrobe right now.

I’ve made a box with these clothes and I will go through them again when I think I can fit into them again. For now I will store the box on the attic.

Step 2: The clothes that I wear daily

Then it was time to go through all of my normal clothes.

I still have clothes from almost 20 years ago, I was still a teenager at that time! So that doesn’t really fit my life anymore. Even though I often still feel like a little girl, these clothes don’t really should be in my wardrobe anymore.

It wasn’t really hard to get rid of them actually. I’m so done with having too much stuff in the house and always spend hours looking for things. I was happy to fill up bag after bag with clothes that won’t go back into my wardrobe.

Some newer items also went to into the out-pile as I just never wear them or don’t feel good in them. I really want to have a wardrobe filled with clothes I really love and feel good wearing them.

The shirts, dresses & sweaters I love all fit on my clothing rack now:

downsize your wardrobe - the result

And my trousers fit neatly in one drawer:

downsize your wardrobe - the results

Step 3: The rest of the clothes

Other than regular clothes I wear daily, I’ve also got some pajamas (or actually just some shorts & shirts that are comfy for the night), some sportswear, bra’s, underwear and socks. I don’t count these towards the 50 items.

In this category I had lots of old stuff as well, so it wasn’t hard to put half of it on the out-pile. I filled one drawer with my underwear, socks and bra’s and one drawer with my pajamas, sportswear, leggings and sleeveless shirts I usually wear under regular shirts.

minimize on clothes the results

Yep… my socks are still a mess! Need to go through them soon.

minimize on clothes the results

Left are my sleeveless shirts & leggings. In the top right is my sportswear and swimming suit and in the bottom right is my nightwear.

The result

As I didn’t doubt any item, there never was a doubt-pile in my case. So in just a few hours, I was done!

Then I started counting my regular clothes and it was actually 48, wow! I did it in the first try! And I managed to fill 3 big bags with clothes that will be donated to charity.

getting rid of 3 bags of clothes

As I was doing so well, I also went through a lot of clothes from the kids and managed to fill a bag with kids’ clothes that can go as well. Didn’t made a picture of the 4th bag :)

I’m going to donate all of the clothes to charity, hopefully some people that need it can benefit from my clothes!

Another option

If you like a different wardrobe every season, you can also check out the 333-project where you have 33 items every 3 months. This number also includes accessories and shoes.

As I also wear shirts in winter and sweaters in summer, I rather have just one wardrobe for the entire year.


It was great to finally have time to go through all of my clothes and I love the result! I still have to go through my shoes though, but I’m kinda done for today after the whole downsizing and writing the blog post. It’s time for the couch and Netflix now ;)

How does your wardrobe look? Do you also need to downsize your wardrobe or are you happy the way it is?

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. I love the love, out, doubt sorting method! I have been trying to cut back on buying clothes with some success but I still have way too many! Thanks for the inspiration to go through them again!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Really great that it’s giving you inspiration to go through your clothes again!

  2. I can’t remember the last time I bought new clothes or shoes, but I still feel I have too many! We recently did a major downsize of apartments and I donated over six garbage bags to Goodwill, yet somehow we are still overloaded. I will just count that as round one. Round two I’m taking your advice and going with the love, doubt, out methodology. My problem is I always worry that I am going to throw something out and then need it later on. And my theory isn’t totally wrong either- I almost threw away a dress I hadn’t worn in a year but held onto it just in case, and miraculously I wore it again on Sunday and started loving it again. Oh, clothing woes! :)

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Oh I know that feeling! I just went all-in on this one and now, after a week, I still think about some clothes I got rid off. “What if I want to wear them again?” Well, I can’t go back now haha

      You can also keep your doubt pile for a while and put them on a different shelf for example. And then go through them again. Maybe make a deal with yourself that if you still didn’t wear any item from the doubt pile in 3 months, they go out after all.

      Cleaning up doesn’t always have to be perfect in one go. Step by step we will all get there :) (Well, not that my house is ever going to be perfectly cleaned up, but hey, we can at least try to reach something between total chaos and perfection ;) )

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