Grupeer Review

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Grupeer is a peer-to-peer lending company from Latvia. I’m using the platform for a while now, so it’s time for a Grupeer review.

They describe themselves as: “an online marketplace connecting investors and loan originators by providing an opportunity to invest free funds in secured loans.”

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grupeer logo

Platform Facts

  • Founded: 2016
  • Country: Latvia
  • Employees: 35 (May 2019)
  • Investors: 9997 (May 2019)
  • Average net annual return: 14.09 %
  • Who can invest: All EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Platform Features & Options

  • Interest Rates: 10 – 15 %
  • Types of Loans: Mortgage / Car / Personal / Business loans and Development projects
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes
  • Auto Invest: Yes
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Minimum Investment: € 10

The Grupeer Story & Their Goals

The beginning

It all began when real estate developer Andrejs Kisiks was working on a power plant project. When the project ran out of money and there was not enough time to collect enough money, the project failed.

Then he thought “how many promising projects fail, when the required sum is not collected?” That’s how the idea of Grupeer was born.

Family venture

Andrejs’ sister Alla Kisika, who have spent several years working in the UK as an executive project manager in construction business, decided to participate in the family venture and now she runs the company.


Our main goal for the future is to expand our business and offer new products and solutions to our clients as well as to FinTech companies.

We aim to enter the new level and become a leader in the FinTech world. The main goal is to launch a p2p aggregator: a single place where investors could see all available investment deals across all p2p platforms.

Stability Fund & other improvements

Since the launch we are working on the ambitious product- a stability fund, allowing investors to buy a fraction of the income-generating commercial building.

Also, we would like to improve the platform in general by adding analytical tools for investor’s cabinet and information about our loan originators.

And of course, we are negotiating new partnerships with loan originators to increase investment opportunities for our clients.

Grupeer Blog

We also want to grow the audience of our Grupeer Blog, which will educate the investing community or aspiring investors about the p2p lending market, general economic news and tips. It is a “knowledge hub” for investors.

Loan Originators

Grupeer is a lot like Mintos and also works with loan originators. Grupeer is still working on adding information about every loan originator. At the moment, the auto invest tool lists 28 loan originators to choose from. But the loan originator page only lists 13 so far.

Grupeer is working on articles on every loan originator. I made a table with the loan originators they have information on so far. The name of the loan originator links to the Grupeer page of the loan originator.

Loan OriginatorCountryFoundedArticle
Bosak Microfinance BankNigeria2009Click
Planeta CashRussia2018Click
Right Choice CapitalPhilippines2016Click
Stik CreditBulgaria2013Click
Primo InvestBelarus2018Click
A24 FinanceLatvia2011Click
Nord CardLatvia2017Click
Finsputnik PlatformaLatvia2016x

The loan originators that I can select in the auto invest tool, but aren’t included on the loan originator page or articles are:

  • Fintech Capital
  • Fogo
  • KIT Bau
  • KM Finance Consulting
  • KMFC Estonia
  • Kreditos
  • Magnum Development
  • Money Express
  • Northcon Group
  • Rigahus
  • SME Investment
  • Solut
  • Transpo Logistic
  • VBBS Consulting

Hopefully they will add information & articles about these loan originators soon as well!

Auto Invest

The auto invest feature is pretty easy. At the moment I made 2 strategies, one for 14% + loans and one for 13% + loans. I prioritized the highest one, so the auto invest tool will invest in loans with the highest interest rates first, when they are available.

It also works quite quickly as I’ve never seen any cash drag yet. You can select a couple of parameters, for example in which loan originators you want to invest, which country, the term and the interest rate.

These are my current settings:

Grupeer Auto Invest

Click to enlarge image

Secondary Market

Grupeer is saying for a while now that the secondary market is coming, but it’s still not there. I asked them about it, but the response was that there is no more information available at this moment. So, we just have to wait.

Because of this, less people will invest in Grupeer as some people always want the option to sell their loans whenever they want or need to. Personally I invest for the long term, so the lack of a secondary market doesn’t really bother me.

Buyback Guarantee

All loans on the platform are secured with a buyback guarantee, which also includes interest income on delayed payments.

From the website:
“The existence of Buyback guarantee for a particular loan means that in case the borrower delays the current payment for the loan for a period exceeding 60 calendar days, the credit company that issued this loan is obliged to immediately buy back both your share in the loan and the shares of the rest of the investors in the amount of outstanding principal of the claim and accrued, but not paid interest.”

My Opinion


The platform feels very solid to me. None of my payments are late up till now and the buyback guarantee on every loan is a nice security. Of course, there will always be risks, as with all investments.

Grupeer states that they thoroughly check all projects. About 80% of the projects that come to Grupeer for funding are dismissed because of this.


Grupeer is growing steadily, with 3 new loan originators in April and almost 10,000 investors on the platform.


  • There are always loans available
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • High interest rates
  • All loans come with a buyback guarantee (+ interest income on delayed payments)
  • Grupeer Managers invest in the projects as well, which gives confidence
  • I haven’t seen a single late payment yet!


  • Missing charts and information about my investments. I can’t sort the table with my investments and I can’t see my annualized return. Luckily they said they will be adding analytics for investors, so hopefully we will see that soon!
  • No secondary market


If you have any questions about Grupeer, their extensive FAQ might answer them for you. If not, you can always contact me and I will try to answer your questions. You can also contact their customer support of course.

Cashback Campaign

In June, Grupeer is doing a Cashback Campaign:

  1. Invest in any PlanetaCash loans in June and get 1% CashBack for all investments you make in these projects.
  2. Invest in any Classical* Finsputnik Platforma projects in June and get 1% instant CashBack for all investments you make in these projects!
    * Please note: Finsputnik 1% CashBack offer only applies to standard Finsputnik projects, yielding 13% (where the borrower is neither NordCard, nor Kviku, nor Ibancar or other specific borrowers).
  3. By investing over €5000 in any development project in June, you will get a 1% CashBack on the amount that is in excess of €5000.

For example: If you invest €7000 in any development project, you will get the CashBack for the €2000 that is in excess i.e. €7000 – €5000 = €2000.

Note: This campaign is active from 1st June until 30th June. The over-€5000-investment condition must be met during that period to be eligible for the 1% bonus in development projects. Investments can be spread across multiple development projects but must reach a total sum in excess of €5000 to qualify for the campaign. If all conditions are met, you will receive a CashBack on your account until 5th of July 2019.

Join Grupeer

Join me and many other investors and build your own passive income by investing in Grupeer.

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  1. Hello!
    Where in their site information for cashback campaigns can be seen?
    Or is there some sing (text) showing this?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Yassen,

    I got the information directly via Grupeer when I had contact with them, but I also got it trough their newsletter in my email on May 30th. I can’t find the announcement on their website though.

    I copied their exact text here, so this is all the info you need on the cashback campaign :)

    If you have any other questions, let me know!


  3. Thank you for clarification!

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