My Goals For 2019

A bit late, since we’re already halfway into January, but here are my goals for 2019 for my blog, for myself and in my journey to reach financial independence.

Have an emergency fund of € 10,000

If I invest all my money, I will have a problem when unexpected things happen and I don’t want to get myself in such a situation. Therefore, I always want to have a certain amount on my savings account which I only touch when I really need to.

The how is not so hard for this one, I just need to put more money into my savings account. I have this goal for a while now and I’m already close to €10,000. But I do notice that I want to keep investing now that I know more about reaching FI. I also see interesting projects everywhere at the moment, but I have to be patient, not my best habit ;-)

Have 100 blog posts at the end of the year

By building up a solid blog portfolio, I will build up trust as a blogger.

I just have to make more time to write out all of my ideas. By doing research, read a lot about investing/FI and build up experience, I will have lots to write about and consistently publish 2-3 blog posts per week.

Spend less

By spending less, we will have more money to invest. It also means we won’t buy things we don’t really need.

We’re doing a buy nothing challenge this year. Not just to save money, but also to realize that we don’t need new things all the time and also to minimize/declutter, because we have soooo much stuff!

Have € 20,000 invested at the end of 2019

In December 2018 I had a little over € 10,000 invested. Doubling this years is an ambitious goal, but realistic enough to keep, without jeopardizing my emergency fund goal. And if I want to reach FI in about 10 years from now, I need to set ambitious (but realistic) goals.


  • By spending less
  • By looking for better options for the household expenses
  • By selling things we don’t use
  • By reinvesting my returns
  • By looking for (even) better investment opportunities (which I will share with you of course)


If I can achieve these 4 goals this year, it will bring me much closer in my journey towards reaching FI. And I will have so much more knowledge on this subject with a blog filled with information and experience. I will let you know quarterly how far I am in reaching these goals.

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