26 Frugal Fall Activities To Do With Your Children

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Fall is here for a few weeks already and that’s why I made this post full of ideas for frugal fall activities to do with your children!

I love fall! The colors outside and the coziness inside when it’s raining and storming outside. While there are a lot of activities to do outside, you’re probably spending more time indoors as well due to the weather.

In this list I included outdoor & indoor frugal fall activities to do when you don’t want to spend a lot of money but just want to have fun!

Frugal activities to do this fall

No idea what to do today?

Thinking of fun activities on the fly can be hard sometimes. That’s why I’m giving you a bunch of ideas here. But what if your kids all want something else at the same time? I’ve got a solution for you.

Write down all the ideas you and your kids like and cut them to have just one idea on every piece of paper. Put all the ideas in a jar and each time you want to do a fun activity, for example during the weekend or after school, pick one and have fun!

Frugal fall activities to do outdoors

There is plenty to see in the fall. All those beautiful colors or how about playing in the rain?

Go to the beach

In the fall it’s never as busy as in the summer. So you can enjoy a nice, calm walk on the beach.

frugal fall activity beach

Go to the forest and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Put your toddler in a rain suit and go on an adventure in the beautiful fall forest.

frugal fall activity forest

Put on your boots and splash in the puddles!

Kids don’t really care about rain. Put their boots on and have fun jumping!

frugal fall activity puddles

Go on a hayride

Hayrides are fun!

frugal fall activity hayride

Go stargazing

Now that it gets dark earlier, you can watch the stars with the kids and teach them about the universe.

frugal fall activity stargazing

Get lost in a corn maze

You don’t need expensive escape rooms to get lost and have fun!

frugal fall activity maze

Other ideas:

  • Do a fall scavenger hunt
  • Build an outdoor obstacle course
  • Play hide and seek in the playground or the park
  • Have a family picnic
  • Go outside and collect colorful leaves, chestnuts and acorns
  • Try to find the end of the rainbow when you spot one
  • Collect a bunch of leaves to jump in
  • Pick apples

Frugal fall activities to do indoors

There is so much to do indoors. Get crafty, play together or bake something, the kids will love it!

Make leaf rubbing art

You can create really awesome drawings with leaves you’ve found outside.


Play games

Board and card games are always a great way to have fun without spending money. We have games we bought years ago and still play all the time. Games are timeless! A game that’s very affordable and both of my boys love to do is Uno junior

Another game we love to play is Catan Junior. It costs a little bit more, but maybe you can get it second hand somewhere.

Catan Junior

DIY with pumpkins

You can do all sort of things with pumpkins. How about making a cute light out of it?

frugal fall activity pumpkin

Make a Halloween costume

Instead of buying an expensive costume, you can also make one yourself:


More ideas:

Looking for more frugal activities? Check out this post with lots of ideas.

Check out these frugal fall activities you can do with your children

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