Financial Independence

What does financial independence mean and how do you achieve it?

When you earn enough passive income to pay for your living expenses you can call yourself financially independent. You can achieve this by investing your money. The interest you gain, is passive income.

And when you reinvest your money, you will gain interest over interest, which makes your passive income grow even harder.


FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early.

As many people don’t plan to retire when they reach FI, other names have been introduced:

FIRE / FIOR / HOT is reachable with a change in your mindset. If you live below your means and earn more, spend less and invest the difference, you can build up a passive income. If your passive income equals or exceeds your expenses, you can call yourself financially independent.

Investment portfolio’s

Since 2017 I’m investing in crowdlending (or P2P lending / crowdfunding). I started with a Dutch platform and now I’m investing in more than 10 platforms across Europe and even one in Africa where I bought a camel :)

Every month I write an update on my investment portfolio where I show you exactly where I’ve put my money into and how much passive income I earn from it: