My Dare to Conquer adventure

Since I started this blog in December 2018, I have been learning about WordPress and blogging a lot. I have been reading lots of sites, I take free courses, I read all the tips & tricks I can find, I watch webinars and I joined several Facebook groups to surround myself with people who do what I’m doing and what we all love to do. I want to grow my blog into a business and the year 2019 will be my year. I’m working on my plan and my goals right now for this year.


Amongst all this information I found a lot of courses and the best one of all is Elite Blog Academy, according to a lot of people. So, I signed up for the free EBA bootcamp on Facebook, I downloaded all their free files and watched webinars from Ruth. I learned a lot of things, but during the bootcamp, I got kinda skeptical because of all the marketing and persuading, it was just too much.  So I started to look for reviews and found a few that tell you more than just 100% positivity you get from most people.

Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of people can learn a lot from EBA, me included, but the price on it is extremely high and the whole extensive marketing around it just isn’t my thing. So I looked for other courses with a smaller price tag and then I found Dare to Conquer (Billionaire Blog Club before) and I read good things about it. The course is made by Paul Scrivens (or Scrivs as he calls himself) and he has a couple of free bootcamps on his site to determine if you like it. He also has a youtube channel, so you can experience if you like him, his way of talking and his teaching methods.

I’m going for it!

After I read some of his stuff and watched some of his video’s, I felt he was very down to earth and very real. I really like it so far. So, after some doubts and a few nights of sleep, I mean his course isn’t cheap either ($547, or in my case € 483), I decided on March 7 that I was going to do this. I’m going to follow every step he teaches me and I’m giving it my all to grow my business.

I will keep track of my progress and experience on this page.

How am I doing now?

Let’s start with how my blog is doing at this moment. These are my analytics from January 1st till March 7th of 2019:

As you can see, my Google Analytics is only measuring since the end of January. The part in February where the line is just at zero, I accidentally deactivated the plugin on my WordPress, so it didn’t measure anything. My best day until now is February 19, with 395 page views and 239 users. (Analytics shows less, but I think I activated the plugin during that day again, so it doesn’t have all the stats for that day).

The days in February that’s not showing in Analytics weren’t very special, as you can see here:

The dark parts are the visitors and the light parts are the page views for that day.

Day 1

So, I bought the course just a couple of hours ago and now I’m on the Slack community Scrivs made for this course. Here we can ask questions to all the members that also follow the course and exchange our experiences and help each other. But Scrivs is a lot on it too and also his right hand Marybeth. She welcomed me only a few minutes after I introduced myself there.

The first thing you do is to go through his “Business Launch Blueprint”. This is, according to the e-mail from Marybeth, “The best place to start to get an understanding of the mentality you need when starting your own business and to get some of the simple steps to starting a blog”.

I am going through it now and I really agree with the things he writes. He talks about goals and knowing what to do. You can’t just do something and give up when things don’t go as you want them to. He also asks you why you are doing this. Now I’ve read the book from Simon Sinek “Start with why”, a while ago, which I really liked, but haven’t done anything with yet. Scrivs is talking about it in a simple way that really speaks to me and he has a good point with it. It makes me think about my business which is a good thing.

So I am very positive at this point. Of course, this is day 1 and I’m extremely excited to learn and experiment with all the new stuff I learn on my blog, but I will keep you guys updated about my adventure. I will be honest and show you the progress I’m making while taking this course.

See you in the next update!