Portfolio Update: December 2018

Happy new year to everyone! In this first portfolio update, which is also the last one of last year, I will show you how much I have invested so far and what my returns are.


Geld voor elkaar49.887,403.657.72 %
Funding Circle8.59849.0810.92 %
Envestio1.51250.0016.00 %
Grupeer0.001,000.0014.00 %
Mintos0.01500.0012.82 %
Crowdestor1.75601.7517.50 %

Geld voor Elkaar

As you can see in my portfolio, Geld voor Elkaar has the lowest interest rates. Because of this, I am not reinvesting in this platform and the amount invested will only go down every month. The money I receive from Geld voor Elkaar is going into the other platforms.

Funding Circle

I have 3 projects running on Funding Circle and one of them hasn’t been paid since November. That’s why the returns are slightly lower than expected. I am planning on investing more on this platform. On my overview page on Funding Circle I have an expected gross yield of 16,17%, but the achieved return so far is 10,85%.


I started to use Envestio since the end of December, so the returns are not from a whole month. I really like their projects so far, but there are currently not so many projects available for investing.

Envestio states that there will be lots of new projects in 2019. This week a new project came online, the last tier (projects are often split into multiple tiers) of the wind turbine project, and I invested in that one as well, so I should see slightly higher returns next month. I still have € 505 in my account available for investing as soon as there will be another new interesting project.

If you sign up through my referral link and deposit at least €100, you will get a bonus of €5. You will also get a 0,5% timespan bonus on all your investments made in the first 270 days.


Grupeer is another platform I started using in December, I haven’t received interest yet, but I should get my first interest payment in January 2019. I will only reinvest the returns here for now, instead of deposit more money into my account. I like to build up some experience with the platforms that are new to me and review them before putting in more money.


Mintos is another platform I started to use in December, so the awesome return of 1 euro cent (whoohoo :-)) should also go up next month. And like Grupeer, I first want to get more experienced in Mintos and review them before deposit more money.

If you sign up through my referral link, you will be rewarded with 1% of your invested amount after 30, 60 and 90 days.


Crowdestor is the last one on the list and also new to me since December. The interest is not from a full month, just like the other new platforms. In this account, I still have € 400 available to invest in new projects. 

A new project is coming in 5 days, so you can also start investing with Crowdestor soon.


I am excited about the new platforms I started investing in this month and I’m going to review them all soon. I like to know who is behind the platforms and what they exactly do, so I can understand the world of investing better and better. And off course, share all this information with you guys. I like the look of my portfolio so far. It’s unlike other blogs, where the authors already have tons of money invested and bought properties and everything and already have a passive income close to what I earn with my day job (which pays about € 1500 per month). But that is exactly why I started this blog, to show you that you can also start investing with less money and less income.

I really like the fact that I’m already making money with my investments. My passive income of € 61,74 might not seem much, but I wouldn’t have it every month if I shouldn’t invest and just spend the invested money on clothes, gadgets or vacations. And when I reinvest the returns, it will keep growing. I plan to put about € 200 into my investments every month, which means € 2400 every year. At the moment, I don’t think I can put in much more, since my income isn’t that high. But when I have extra money, above my buffer for unexpected events, I am going to invest more.

I hope you like my blog. If you like to support me, please use my referral links. If you subscribe to my blog, you will be notified of new blog posts. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

P.s: The how-to-start I promised in my first blog post is coming soon!

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  1. Ive been using Mintos and Grupeer for some time now. Happy with both of them. Im gonna try out Envestio and some other platforms in 2019 aswell.

    1. You can check out my review about Envestio on my blog. I will also review the other platforms i’m invested in soon, so stay tuned! :-)

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