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use this budgeting method to reach financial independence

Throw Out The 50/30/20 Budgeting Method If You Want To Reach FI

While diving into budgeting, I read about the 50/30/20 budgeting method a lot. If I start to use that method, I will probably never become financially independent. So I would like to suggest the 50/40/10 budgeting method instead. This post may contain affiliate links. Please visit my full disclosure policy

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Change your money mindset

16 Ways To Change Your Money Mindset

Change your money mindset and take control of your financial life with these tips. This can change the way you’ve always handled your money and the way you’ve always thought about money. Saving money becomes easy when you change your money mindset. This post may contain affiliate links. Please visit

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Blog resources tips and tricks for new bloggers

Free Resources, Tips & Tricks For New Bloggers

With this page, I hope to give new bloggers a head start with this list of free resources. I’m all about honesty and I think new bloggers need help in this crazy blogging world to stop spending money on things they don’t need. This post may contain affiliate links. Please

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ways to make money

10 Great Ways To Make Money From Home

Buried in debt? Struggling to pay the bills? Tired of a long commute? Check out these awesome ways to make money from home! If you want to become financially stable, a good start is to make extra money. You can do these things after work, in the weekends or when

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