Financially Independent Mom Has Stopped

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, the website is ‘under construction’ for over a week now. Through this message I want to let you know that the website isn’t coming back. I decided to quit developing this blog due to personal threats.

I wrote about a lot of things, frugal living, making money, but also investing in crowdlending or P2P lending.

I always wrote about my own experience and my disclaimer also stated that nothing I wrote about was intended as financial advice to anyone. I have also written many times that in my opinion people should not invest money they cannot afford to lose.

In December & January two P2P platforms (appear to) have collapsed and now some people are blaming me for losing their own money. They argue that since I had referral links to the platforms on my website I was promoting scam. Let me be clear about this, I had no knowledge of (and in fact still it is not proven) that these platforms had bad intentions to mislead investors. I invested in both platforms myself and felt confident about them at the time of writing reviews about those platforms, although some people argue I should have done more due diligence before putting referral links on my website. My answer to them: You should have done your own due diligence better. I have done mine, and lost money with it and I realise that this was a risk.

Bottom line is that people are responsible for their own money. But when people lose money, they need someone to blame I guess. It’s easier to blame someone else than to learn from mistakes. And that resulted in personal threats and attacks towards me. This blog was just a hobby, I decided to stop with the blog.

The way people have threaten me after the collapse is not how I want to be treated. People are spreading lies about me, telling that I’m a scammer, just like those platforms and much more. People don’t realize that these things can really hurt. It’s easy to yell crap through a screen, but it can really hurt. At least it does hurt me and I haven’t slept well in days.

So, to the readers that did like my blog and are sane, I’m sorry, but I’m not coming back. Luckily there are lots of other great blogs out there to read.

I do want to mention that there are collaborative initiatives to sue the owners of the collapsed platforms. And I do participate. Because these guys need to be held accountable for the damage they cause. I just hope that these efforts will pay off in the end and at least brings more maturity to the P2P lending/crowdfunding space.

Kind regards,